Questions We Are Asked on a Regular Basis

Have you always had a fascination with the occult, or do you just want to know what the future has in store for you? If so, visiting a psychic like Serenity Chakra Boutique could be just what you are looking for. If you want to find out more about what the most frequently asked questions are to ask, continue to read this post.

Have you been working in this field for long?

We were established in 2007, and have been providing the good people of Shamokin Dam, PA with help for more than 12 years.

Are you licensed to work in this field?

Of course, this shows all our clients that we are serious about what we do.

Why should I choose your services?

Simple, there are so many charlatans in our business, it is often difficult to find the real deal. However, the length of time we have been in business should tell you a great deal. We offer our clients accurate psychic and palm reading and can give them the answers to some of the questions they have.

What makes you any different from others in the area?

We have a reputation for providing accurate psychic readings and offer a Serenity Chakra Boutique to provide each client with more insight on events from their pasts and the future.

When are you open, so I can call for an appointment?

We work from Monday through to Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we do, we offer a 25% discount on any retail items when you purchase a reading, plus, a 20% discount on any merchandise we have!

I dislike paying by cash, do you take any other forms of payment for your services?

Yes, of course, we take most major credit cards.

Other than the area, what other cities do you cover?

We serve the following areas:

  • Kratzerville, PA
  • Shamokin Dam, PA
  • Hummels Wharf, PA
  • Lewisburg, PA
  • Northumberland, PA

What other services can you offer me?

We provide the following, if you need something else, please call and ask.

  • Astrology Readings
  • Tarot Reading
  • Psychic Readings
  • Gifts
  • Chakra Symbol

What should I expect from your astrologer?

We can predict the future by looking at the position of the planets, Sun and Moon in the birth chart of a client. We will create a horoscope for the time of an event, like a person birth, and interpret the different celestial points and their placements, in order to fully understand the characteristics of a person. Astrological charts depict a map of the universe when one was born, and focuses on the individual at its center, with the Sun, Moon, and other celestial bodies that are relevant to that individual alone.

I am skeptical about using such services, can you offer any references or testimonial?

Of course, look on our website and open the testimonials page, there you will be able to read numerous comments and reviews on what our clients had to say about our services and prices.

We have come to the conclusion of our post, if you are looking for genuine psychic readings in the Shamokin Dam, PA area, you need to call Serenity Chakra Boutique first at (570) 209-9050 today.

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